Detective Conan with Brenda

April 16, 2021

This week we were joined by the amazing Brenda (aka @batmanandsobbin) to talk about Detective Conan. This was a totally new topic for us and we are super stoked to check out the show. Don't worry, we also went off-topic to chat about knitting, fanfiction, and what our Pokemon names would sound like! 

Please check out Brenda's other podcasts here:

For those who decide to watch Detective Conan after this episode, Brenda has a little CW: Warning for the first episode, there is a pretty graphic accident on a rollercoaster.  It is the most graphic scene in the show and Crunchyroll has the censored cut of it (I believe).  If the anime is too much, check out the movies Phantom of Baker Street (very scifi), or Countdown to Heaven (it's kinda like murder mystery die-hard).  They have a recap of the story at the beginning of every movie

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